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OurWorld Resident - The many benefits and how to become a resident

OurWorld residency entitles you to so much more than being a normal member and becoming a resident is really when the world comes alive, you get so much more out of the game when you are resident. So I thought I would explore with you the many benefits you receive on a daily basis for being a resident and also how to become a resident.

I will be answering the following questions in this post:

  1. What exactly does residency give you in OurWorld?
  2. How to sign up as a resident in OurWorld
  3. Different resident payment options
  4. How to cancel residency at any time

What exactly does residency give you in OurWorld?

Residents receive loads of gems: Probably the biggest advantage of being a resident is the amount of gems you receive per month - 150 gems! Alternatively if you pay for a years membership you get all 1800 of them straight away. This is a huge supply of gems to buy premium items with such as clothes and vehicles!

ourworld resident gems

Level up twice as fast: You will receive a 100% flow boost as resident so your flow metre will power up much faster than a standard member and you will level up much quicker than a standard member.

girls world: level up twice as fast with a 100 percent flow boost

A far bigger condo: OurWorld residents enjoy a giant sized condo, how much more space do you get? Well check out the images below where I show both a regular member's condo and my condo as an OurWorld resident

A member's condo size

girls world: member size condo

My condo size as a resident

girls world: resident size condo

As you can see from above a resident's condo is more than twice the size of a members condo meaning you can fit so much more into a resident condo, residents can hold a bigger party with friends and decorate more of their room! (This doesn't just apply to the living room area, but every other room you have in your Condo including the garden). I had to join two and a half screen shots together to show the full length of my condo compared to a regular member's condo in OurWorld that fit on one screen.

Exclusive items: There are many items in OurWorld that can only be bought by residents, these tend to be super cool ones that normal members are always enviable of and are dieing to get their hands on. I won't spoil the surprise of what these items are, you will just have to try residency out for a month and see for yourself what becomes available! girlsworld: daily gem jackpot

Bigger Inventories: When you start to collect many cool items in OurWorld whether it be fashionable clothes or furniture for your condo you need a large amount of space to store them, so you can enjoy many more different looks. Residency gives you a far greater capacity for both your clothing and condo inventories.

Daily Gems Jackpot!Instead of entering a gold coin jackpot residents get to try a daily gem jackpot instead where they can win hundreds of extra gems per month.

Sell items in the Market Place: One of my favourite benefits of being a resident is the ability to sell all your items in the OurWorld Market place. Here you can sell items for 100's of times higher than the price you would get by selling them to the computer as a tourist. So if you have a special item you may not want anymore, instead of selling it to the computer for a small amount like 500 gold coins, you could get between 100,000 and 200,000 gold coins on the market place. Access to the market place for selling goods has already made me an OurWorld millionaire with little effort.

You may ask what the big deal is about having so many gold coins? Well cool items in OurWorld do not always cost gems, you can get many of the items for gold coins, so if your rich due to the marketplace you can still shop until your heart is content without needing loads of gems!

Monthly Crystal Key Prize: Every month OurWorld Residents receive a skeleton key where they venture down into the dungeon in Nevermore and unlock a chest containing a big prize. Check out what residents can actually win by viewing my post of Septembers dungeon key and also discover how I made a fortune by selling my prize in the Market place (residents only). Prizes include 100 or 300 gems! The image below shows me receiving a mystery box in September.

choose a chest in girls world

Exclusive Areas: As a resident you gain access to exclusive areas that normal members do not have. This includes the famous OurWorld beach where you can buy swimming outfits and take a plunge into the pool!

girlsworld: resident access to the beach

How to sign up as a resident in OurWorld

So now you know all about what OurWorld residency gives you, but how do you become a resident? It's rather easy to do just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click the upgrade button in the top right hand corner of your screen.
ourworld residency: step 1 - click the upgrade button

Step 2
Pick between becoming a resident for a year or on a monthly basis. I'd recommend you choose a monthly basis so you can test what it's like being a resident for 4 weeks and then decide whether to pay extra for a longer time if you enjoy the benefits. After a month's membership if you enjoy being a resident you can then sign up for a whole year and save 30% on your purchase.

So how much does it cost to be a resident in OurWorld? It depends whether you are from the UK, US or some place else. As I am from the UK it costs me either 5.99 per month or 49.99 for a whole year (saving your 30%).

I can only imagine if your from the US it's the equivalent in Dollars which would be either $9.99 per month or $80.00 for the year. (If someone would like to post a comment and confirm this for US players it would be much appreciated!).

I tested residency out for a month and having really enjoyed the extra benefits I paid for the whole year and became mega rich with gems!

ourworld residency: step 2 - choose your resident length

Step 3
Choose your payment type, you can pay directly by card or through Paypal, the choice is yours. I would recommend you pay through Paypal because you actually get a receipt for your purchase this way. When I paid directly by card with OurWorld I didn't receive any sought of email receipt from them.

ourworld residency: step 3 - pay by card ourworld residency: step 3 - pay by paypal

Once your transaction is complete you will be redirected back to OurWorld where you should notice that now you have a tonne of gems to buy new items with! You will also have instant access to all the benefits covered above!

Please note** if you are first looking to become a member in OurWorld - in other words if you are looking to save your character then click here to find out how to do so before following the steps above in becoming a resident.

Become a resident now - sign up here (link opens in a new window so you can keep this guide open)

How to cancel residency at any time

You may decide that residency isn't for you and wish to cancel your subscription to OurWorld. This is easily done as well so you don't have to worry about OurWorld taking extra payments from your card when you don't want residency anymore. Follow the steps below to cancel your residency.

Step 1: Click the account button and then click help.

cancel ourworld residency: step 1 - click account button

Step 2: Click 'request help' on the next page.

cancel ourworld residency: step 2 - click request help
cancel ourworld residency: step 3 - submit a ticket

Step 3: From the subject drop down field select 'subscription deactivation'. Your email address and player name will already been inputted into the ticket form, so simply type into the message box your wish to cancel your OurWorld resident subscription as of immediately and then click the 'finish' button. Leave the rest up to the customer service team, simple!

Become an ourWorld Resident Now

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